Nurifi Coconut oil skin remedy

I swear by coconut oil. I use it daily to swish my gums. I also like to apply it moderately to my skin after skin treatments.  

Coconut Oil is also great for removing make-up. make-remove. For a 1KG tub of Nurifi Natural Coconut Oil I paid £10.95. I initially purchased the product to treat my fungal nail infection. I now use for a lot of beauty treatments.

Marie Clare advertises a top eye make-up remover with a starter price of £19.95. You get 200ml. If you regularly wear eye make-up the quantity of this product will only last a week or two.
The Nurifi gel will last for more than three months. This is because you are not required to use a huge quantity of the product.

If like me you don’t wear a lot of eye make-up and purchase eye makeup remover every two months. That is a cost £119.97. If you wear a lot of eye make-up then you will pay even more for the manufactured product. nurifi coconut oil | eBay

Marie Clare also recommends a face make-up remover for various skin types from £4.50 to £18.50. Some reasonable recommendations. But the cost still adds up. For rely on really cheap manufactured products. Your skin would have to boardering on perfect.

Lightly dip some cotton into the oil. Apply it as you would with the manufactured products.

Natural remedies such as Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and many other kitchen cupboard items. Will show both improvements to your skin and bank account.

Manufactured products contain chemicals that will tell on the skin as we develop with age.

Coconut Oil will work on most skin types. But you must apply it in accordance with your type of skin.

I often paid at least £20 for eye make-up remover. I don’t wear a great deal of eye make-up and it usually lasted around two months. I am now saving more £120 per-year.

The plus side for coconut oil, 

  1. coconut oil is primarily composed of saturated fats.
  2. It is great for repairing your skin’s natural barrier and trapping in moisture.
  3. It naturally antimicrobial, so will kill off any surface bacteria you may have picked up during the day.
  4. Coconut oil for skin soothes rashes, speeds your skin’s healing process and combats flaking like a boss.
  5. Its also good for swishing your mouth after gum flossing.
  6. And if you’ve ever run out of your favourite skin highlighter, just dab it along your cheekbones for the healthiest glow you’ve ever seen.

 NOTE TO THE SELF! Consider its downside

  1. Do not slather yourself in coconut oil! WHY?
  2. coconut oil has one of the highest comedogenic ratings out there.
  3. This means the at coconut oil for skin may not actually be as good as you first thought.
  4. If overused it can clog up pours
  5. So, rub a tiny (less than half-teaspoon) amount between the palms of your hand
  6. Gently massage on to your face, neck and your upper body down to your legs until the oil dries up in your hands.
  7. If face feels oily use a damp hot face cloth and gently pat until your face feels less oily. 

Use it appropriately and note the difference in your skin. Please provide some feedback if you try this product out.


Author: thrifty2niftylady

I live in London. I am currently awaiting a kidney transplant. This has caused a huge slump on my finances. I am now takng action. First I have cut down on my spending desire and have replaced expensive manufactured beauty products with natural home made soaps and home remedies for my skin.The money I have saved on these products has allowed me to pay for an online course in fashion design. There are a lot of things I have found free and have saved me money. I will talk about these more in my blogs and put up recipes and instructions. Thanks for stopping by

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