Frizzy Hair issue?

So last night I got in late.

In the midst of applying my nightime face treatment. My hair clips came out and I caught some Aloe Vera Raw Gel at the sides of my hair.

I thought ignore it I will wash in the morning. But no. This morning the ends of my hair are soft and silky and shiny

No frizz at all at the front. The back is kind of frizzy. I’ve strightened it out. Tonight I will try Aloe just on the ends of my hair and see how it looks.


I could not cope with the annoying noisy pop-ups at the side of my screen. After trying everything in google chrome I was getting nowhere.

Laptop was minutes away from being thrown out of the window. But then I found something on YouTube.

The video suggested an Adblock installation. It didn’t work. As I scrolled down. I found information to say that this was the old version. Hence, I did not post the video.

But someone recommended Adblock PLUS. I downloaded it and BINGO!

Now after weeks of constant annoying noisy pop-ups at the bottom of my screen I’m now surfing in bliss.

I do get facebook, pinterest and Instagram and blog notifications. But I don’t mind these. See below how install Adblock.  You will love it.

  1. Go to your Chrome webstore
  2. Click on Chrome Web Store Icon
  3. In the search bar type Adblock Plus
  4. Scroll down until you come to Adblock Plus.
  5. It should say FREE a PLUS botton next to it.
  6. It does ask for money. But don’t worry its still free click on it. The app is asking for a donation. It is optional and can be for as little as you want to give. Either way it’s free
  7. It will take a few minutes to download
  8. Now visit any website on your device. As you see the icon is at the top right hand of your screen.
  9. You may still get pop-ups from your personal social media accounts. But you can change these in settings.

So far it’s worked well. Some pages will even tell you they are blocked. You are able to manage what you see pop up on your screen.

Get that Spa feeling before bed at night. DIY, cheap, easy and chemcial free natural treatments. Start boosting your savings!

I have a morning and nightime ritual.  Quick morning face and neck treatment!

Here is my simple recipe that I apply at night. It takes twenty minutes. I do it whilst watching my favour program or surfing online. Its chemical free and cheap, leaves my skin refreshed and feeling good.  NO MORE NEED for expensive manufactured products.

Once you start this ritual you will never go back to shop products. The plus side is you will save money!

Research suggests that applying skin treatment at night before bed is more beneficial to the skin.

This is because at night we are not exposed to sunlight and we tend to be still during our sleep. It is also time when our bodies and mind relax. For six-eight hours we physically inactive.

This gives our skin time to absorb the healthy remedies we applied before bed.  

A half-hour before bed and these 3 relaxing remedies will revitalise your skin.

Remedy 1

After washing your face or showering take one half of a lemon and apply it to your face. There are two ways to apply lemon here.

If this is your first time using lemon juice, follow this first procedure.

  1. Dilute the half of lemon juice with some water (no more than a 1/4 cup water).
  2. Here you should take some cotton, or the edge a towel and gently dab the juice around your face, forehead and neck. Avoiding the eyes. Dab (do not rub).
  3. After ten minutes you should feel the lemon and sugar tightening your skin. If not add less water and more sugar. Not more juice.
  4. Remove gently with either a damp towel or splash the water on your face. (Do not wash with soap)


  1. Take one half of a lemon (preferably an already squeezed lemon) and dip in sugar 
  2. Dab the squeezed lemon around your forehead, face and neck. Avoid the eyes.
  3. Leave for ten minutes and rinse with cool water or a face cloth.

Remedy 2

  1. Take enough full fat Greek Yogurt (homemade or shop bought) to apply around the face, forehead and neck.
  2. I massage the yogurt into my face and neck while I watch TV. It feels therapeutic.
  3. After ten minutes of massaging take a damp cool (not too cold or too hot do not add soap).
  4. Gently wipe the yogurt from your face. Or if you are in the shower let the water run on your face. Your skin will feel like bliss. This is because the yogurt helps tighten up face muscles and treats new wrinkles and lines.
  5. Always pat skin dry do not rub.

Remedy 3

  1. Rub some Aloe Vera Gel into your palms. Apply to your face and neck (circular massaging).
  2. Make sure your Aloe Vera Gel is raw from plant. Or you can purchase the Nurifi product (highly recommended).
  3. Massage the gel from your neck to your arms and legs and any other areas of the body.
  4. Finally, if you applied the lemon you must apply some sun screen to the neck and face area. Aloe Vera Gel helps with sunburn. But will not prevent burning. I use the sunscreen in all seasons.

Since starting this evening ritual I feel my skin is more revitalised. For me it has greater benefits.

In morning I awake with my face still feeling clean but most of all looking fresh click here fora Quick morning face and neck treatment!

Applying a skin care treatment early in the morning is a luxury we don’t have time for. That is why many of us purchase manufactured products.

This before bed remedy only takes 20 minutes. You will feel like you have just come from the Spa. Your skin will be healthy. Most of all you will save a lot of cash. 

A quick splash of manufactured products and in two minutes we are on our way. Feeling good. But do you ever feel that this treatment is expensive?

With the high cost of living I am only one out of a million feeling the pinch.  

I can no longer afford to contribute towards the rich manufacturers Yacht’s, flashy cars and, big houses.  As their bank accounts get fatter ours get smaller.

I now invest in natural raw oils. Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel is more than a hundred in

one skin care.

You can save hundreds of pounds every year with this small investment.

Manufactured skin treatments 

  1. Manufactured skin treatments are full of chemicals. In time chemicals will damage the skin.
  2. Manufacturers make specific products for specific part of our bodies. Our For example, face make-up remover and moisturiser.
  3. Eye make-up remover and eye creams, body lotions, foot lotions, hand creams.
  4. The costs add up as does the manufacturers bank accounts.
  5. They make us poorer!

So, what do we do? ACT!

  1. DIY!
  2. Coconut Oil is an eye treatment
  3. Aloe Vera Gel and coconut oil together is a wonderful skin moisturiser
  4. Fruit and veg,
  5. Baking soda
  6. Natural oils
  7. Food mixer!


Please read below about the benefits and effects each of the three natural home remedies has on our skin.

NOTE TO THE SELF: Lemon juice applied to any area of the skin must always be followed up by applying sun screen. Not matter what the weather. It is as crucial at night as it is during the day to avoid skin burns from natural light.

Applying a manufactured face cream after treatment at night or in the morning will only clog your skin. The remedies must have space to work.

Lemon Juice Remedy (must be fresh lemon juice).

Lemons can heal acne and remove blackheads.

The Lemons’ antibacterial and antifungal properties make them a natural alternative to treat acne.

They lighten dark spots and blemishes.

Acne scars and marks are embarrassing and a pain to get rid of.

Lemon juice’s citric acid gradually fades spots and evens your skin tone.

Be cautious of open wounds or cuts on the face, as it can badly sting the skin.

Lemons get rid of oily skin. We’ve tested out some pretty weird ways to bring down the shine on our faces, including laxatives.

A cotton swab with a little lemon juice is just as effective. It’s better to do this before bed.

Some people think they should leave Lemon overnight and washing it off in the morning. DO NOT do this. You must apply caution. People that tried this method have reported experiencing burning sensations to their skin as well as trip to the GP.

I recommend washing with your favourite soap before applying lemon juice to the skin.

Leave for ten minutes and wash with soap if lemon is the only remedy you have used. Then apply sun screen.

I prefer to add Lemons with other mixtures

If you’re unsure about what’s lurking inside your favourite face or body wash. Natural homemade remedies will save such uncertainty. This is because you are in control. You decided what goes in not the manufacturer. Plus, you save money.

These three remedies remove dirt and bacteria, whilst moisturizing your skin at the same time!

Full fat Yogurt remedy (homemade or shop bought)

It’s likely that you are aware that the health benefits of yogurt go beyond its high levels of protein and calcium.

The bacteria in yogurt is invaluable for fighting inflammation in the gut.

Yogurt nutralises some toxins while blocking out unhealthy toxins. It is only since the 90’s that medical scientists have discovered the benefits of this anti-inflammatory food to the human skin.

Based on many key studies conducted on the internal and external effects of yogurt. Findings have concluded that yogurt is significant to skin care.

The good bacterium in yogurt can help in the anti-aging process. Research also suggests that it helps chronic skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and even eczema.

Aloe Vera Remedy (if you do not have the Aloe Vera Plant. Use pure natural Aloe Vera Gel.

I recommend Nurifi Products

Aloe Vera acts as a natural moisturizer. (you can add few drops of vitamin E oil in this gel and it will act as one of the best moisturizers

Aloe Vera gel is an effective treatment to remove dark spots, acne scars and blemishes from your skin.

Mixed or applied after with lemon juice your dark spots, acne scars. In just a few days all of them will disappear from your skin

Aloe Vera gel can remove all aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines from your face. (Mix aloe Vera gel with few drops of almond oil and apply it on your face)

Massage it well and leave overnight. Allow the Aloe Vera gel to shrink large skin pores. Aloe Vera gel acts as a natural skin tightener. (You can apply a thick layer of this all over your face and leave for 30 minutes at least. If you have time you can do this daily twice daily.

The above ingredients of the three remedies has helped my skin in terms of dark spots and pimples. BUT yogurt will not completely stop the anti-aging process. If that was the case, the we could never afford it!

But it does delay wrinkles from spreading fast. It also helps us to age gracefully. So, there is no need for Botox or other painful surgical treatments.

Unlike aging, Botox and surgical treatments are only temporary. They must always be followed up. On this site. The idea is to save money not spend more money.

I will write in another blog about the dangers of these treatments.

A plastic surgeon friend once told me that trying to combat anti-aging through such procedures is an endless money pit. STICK TO THE NATURAL REMEDIES.

Today my skin feels great. Please tell us about your own procedure in natural skin care. Or any of your own tips on skin care. All information is welcome and interesting




Quick morning face and neck treatment!


Save your skin and your pocket from those expensive skin treatments. Invest in a jar of raw Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera gel or an Aloe Vera plant.
You can save a lot of money combining the tiniest amount of Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut oil. I have found it beats expensive high street as moisturiser brands. Not Only is it great for your skin. It is beneficial to your bank account.
Take a few minutes and add up how much you spend every month on moisturisers. We are all guilty of purchasing separate skin products to treat our skin. For example, face moisturisers, make-up remover, special eye make-up remover, body cream, acne and pimple treatments.
This list goes on as does the spending and the manufacturer’s become richer. If you add up every month or six weeks how much you spend on the above products and multiply it over twelve months. How much do you think you will save?
Since I started my natural skin care ritual I have in six-months saved £630. That is on expensive face cream alone. I do not wear a lot of eye make-up. I still have plenty left. But every two months when I replace it. It costs me between £60-£70.

  1. The other benefits since switching to this new ritual. I am also avoiding manufactured chemicals. I now know what is going on my face.
    The Aloe Vera gel and Coconut Oil combined to make this moisturiser will easily last you for six months or more.
    Sure, Coconut Oil has the reputation of being too oily and shiny on skin. It is also suggested that the oil clogs up pours. However, too much of any good thing has its downside.
    Coconut oil applied as a small amount combined or on its own and applied correctly is great for the skin. Applied lightly the oil skin has time to absorb the oil. In turn it softens and nourishes the skin.
    It also promotes skin healing. It is full of antioxidants that help repair skin damage and strengthen skin tissues. It also keeps wrinkles at bay.
    Aloe Vera Gel also contains valuable antioxidants OF vitamin C, E and beta carotene. Carotene helps keep the skin hydrated and elastic.
    It also stimulates growth of new cells and sooths eczema, acne, psoriasis, and can help with sunburn.
    Combined the two give a wonderful glow and sensational feeling of healthy skin. A jar of coconut oil and Aloe Vera Gel (plant or raw tub of Aloe Vera Gel). These are worthwhile investments.
    A plastic surgeon friend has told me time again that expensive Botox and surgical treatments and manufactured products are nothing more than a money pit.
    He swears all these treatments serves only to make him and the manufacturers rich. He recommends treating skin with care with the natural products.
    Natural remedies and oils don’t prevent ageing. But will help our skin mother nature’s scars. No products prevent anti-ageing. But natural home remedy products can treat our skin in a way that leaves us ageing gracefully as mother nature approaches us. Fresh and healthy skin shows overshadows ageing skin.
    For this recipe you will need
    1. At least 1-2 tablespoons of raw Aloe Vera Gel (from the plant or Nurifi)
    2. 3 teaspoons of raw virgin Coconut Oil

3. Mix together until thickened. (whisk or food blender)

4. Add natural oils, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Almond Oil (option and your preference)
5. Place in small jar or container. Or apply immediately to the face and body
I love the smell and freshness of the Peppermint oil. It lasts all day.

Peppermint Essential Oil Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser Burner | eBay

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Sweet Almond Oil 100% Pure, Natural, Cold Pressed Carrier Oil, Free UK Shipping | eBay

I make only enough for two days. This is because I’m regularly trying out new products. I avoid waste. I also apply a night treatment. Why you should apply Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera gel to your skin at night.

But you can make more just store it in a jar in the fridge. It should be okay for two weeks. But keep an eye on the Coconut Oil. You don’t want shiny oily skin.
Why should always store these products.
1. Fantastic skin remedies free of chemicals
2. Cheaper than shop chemicals
3. Coconut Oil is a 2 in 1 make-up remover. It removes face and eye make-up moisturising your skin at the same time
4. Aloe Vera gel helps stretch marks gained through pregnancy or weight
5. Combined both oils treat cuticles and nails as, fungal nail infection and Athlete’s Foot
6. Whether used as one or combined both oils soften dry feet and cracked heels
7. As a face moisturiser both oils prevent chapped lips
8. An all over body moisturiser with significant benefits
Please join my blog for more updates and information on skin care and money saving