I could not cope with the annoying noisy pop-ups at the side of my screen. After trying everything in google chrome I was getting nowhere.

Laptop was minutes away from being thrown out of the window. But then I found something on YouTube.

The video suggested an Adblock installation. It didn’t work. As I scrolled down. I found information to say that this was the old version. Hence, I did not post the video.

But someone recommended Adblock PLUS. I downloaded it and BINGO!

Now after weeks of constant annoying noisy pop-ups at the bottom of my screen I’m now surfing in bliss.

I do get facebook, pinterest and Instagram and blog notifications. But I don’t mind these. See below how install Adblock.  You will love it.

  1. Go to your Chrome webstore
  2. Click on Chrome Web Store Icon
  3. In the search bar type Adblock Plus
  4. Scroll down until you come to Adblock Plus.
  5. It should say FREE a PLUS botton next to it.
  6. It does ask for money. But don’t worry its still free click on it. The app is asking for a donation. It is optional and can be for as little as you want to give. Either way it’s free
  7. It will take a few minutes to download
  8. Now visit any website on your device. As you see the icon is at the top right hand of your screen.
  9. You may still get pop-ups from your personal social media accounts. But you can change these in settings.

So far it’s worked well. Some pages will even tell you they are blocked. You are able to manage what you see pop up on your screen.

Author: thrifty2niftylady

I live in London. I am currently awaiting a kidney transplant. This has caused a huge slump on my finances. I am now takng action. First I have cut down on my spending desire and have replaced expensive manufactured beauty products with natural home made soaps and home remedies for my skin.The money I have saved on these products has allowed me to pay for an online course in fashion design. There are a lot of things I have found free and have saved me money. I will talk about these more in my blogs and put up recipes and instructions. Thanks for stopping by

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