Frizzy Hair issue?

So last night I got in late.

In the midst of applying my nightime face treatment. My hair clips came out and I caught some Aloe Vera Raw Gel at the sides of my hair.

I thought ignore it I will wash in the morning. But no. This morning the ends of my hair are soft and silky and shiny

No frizz at all at the front. The back is kind of frizzy. I’ve strightened it out. Tonight I will try Aloe just on the ends of my hair and see how it looks.

Author: thrifty2niftylady

I live in London. I am currently awaiting a kidney transplant. This has caused a huge slump on my finances. I am now takng action. First I have cut down on my spending desire and have replaced expensive manufactured beauty products with natural home made soaps and home remedies for my skin.The money I have saved on these products has allowed me to pay for an online course in fashion design. There are a lot of things I have found free and have saved me money. I will talk about these more in my blogs and put up recipes and instructions. Thanks for stopping by

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