Quick morning face and neck treatment!


Save your skin and your pocket from those expensive skin treatments. Invest in a jar of raw Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera gel or an Aloe Vera plant.
You can save a lot of money combining the tiniest amount of Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut oil. I have found it beats expensive high street as moisturiser brands. Not Only is it great for your skin. It is beneficial to your bank account.
Take a few minutes and add up how much you spend every month on moisturisers. We are all guilty of purchasing separate skin products to treat our skin. For example, face moisturisers, make-up remover, special eye make-up remover, body cream, acne and pimple treatments.
This list goes on as does the spending and the manufacturer’s become richer. If you add up every month or six weeks how much you spend on the above products and multiply it over twelve months. How much do you think you will save?
Since I started my natural skin care ritual I have in six-months saved £630. That is on expensive face cream alone. I do not wear a lot of eye make-up. I still have plenty left. But every two months when I replace it. It costs me between £60-£70.

  1. The other benefits since switching to this new ritual. I am also avoiding manufactured chemicals. I now know what is going on my face.
    The Aloe Vera gel and Coconut Oil combined to make this moisturiser will easily last you for six months or more.
    Sure, Coconut Oil has the reputation of being too oily and shiny on skin. It is also suggested that the oil clogs up pours. However, too much of any good thing has its downside.
    Coconut oil applied as a small amount combined or on its own and applied correctly is great for the skin. Applied lightly the oil skin has time to absorb the oil. In turn it softens and nourishes the skin.
    It also promotes skin healing. It is full of antioxidants that help repair skin damage and strengthen skin tissues. It also keeps wrinkles at bay.
    Aloe Vera Gel also contains valuable antioxidants OF vitamin C, E and beta carotene. Carotene helps keep the skin hydrated and elastic.
    It also stimulates growth of new cells and sooths eczema, acne, psoriasis, and can help with sunburn.
    Combined the two give a wonderful glow and sensational feeling of healthy skin. A jar of coconut oil and Aloe Vera Gel (plant or raw tub of Aloe Vera Gel). These are worthwhile investments.
    A plastic surgeon friend has told me time again that expensive Botox and surgical treatments and manufactured products are nothing more than a money pit.
    He swears all these treatments serves only to make him and the manufacturers rich. He recommends treating skin with care with the natural products.
    Natural remedies and oils don’t prevent ageing. But will help our skin mother nature’s scars. No products prevent anti-ageing. But natural home remedy products can treat our skin in a way that leaves us ageing gracefully as mother nature approaches us. Fresh and healthy skin shows overshadows ageing skin.
    For this recipe you will need
    1. At least 1-2 tablespoons of raw Aloe Vera Gel (from the plant or Nurifi)
    2. 3 teaspoons of raw virgin Coconut Oil

3. Mix together until thickened. (whisk or food blender)

4. Add natural oils, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Almond Oil (option and your preference)
5. Place in small jar or container. Or apply immediately to the face and body
I love the smell and freshness of the Peppermint oil. It lasts all day.

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I make only enough for two days. This is because I’m regularly trying out new products. I avoid waste. I also apply a night treatment. Why you should apply Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera gel to your skin at night.

But you can make more just store it in a jar in the fridge. It should be okay for two weeks. But keep an eye on the Coconut Oil. You don’t want shiny oily skin.
Why should always store these products.
1. Fantastic skin remedies free of chemicals
2. Cheaper than shop chemicals
3. Coconut Oil is a 2 in 1 make-up remover. It removes face and eye make-up moisturising your skin at the same time
4. Aloe Vera gel helps stretch marks gained through pregnancy or weight
5. Combined both oils treat cuticles and nails as, fungal nail infection and Athlete’s Foot
6. Whether used as one or combined both oils soften dry feet and cracked heels
7. As a face moisturiser both oils prevent chapped lips
8. An all over body moisturiser with significant benefits
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Nurifi Coconut oil skin remedy

I swear by coconut oil. I use it daily to swish my gums. I also like to apply it moderately to my skin after skin treatments.  

Coconut Oil is also great for removing make-up. make-remove. For a 1KG tub of Nurifi Natural Coconut Oil I paid £10.95. I initially purchased the product to treat my fungal nail infection. I now use for a lot of beauty treatments.

Marie Clare advertises a top eye make-up remover with a starter price of £19.95. You get 200ml. If you regularly wear eye make-up the quantity of this product will only last a week or two.
The Nurifi gel will last for more than three months. This is because you are not required to use a huge quantity of the product.

If like me you don’t wear a lot of eye make-up and purchase eye makeup remover every two months. That is a cost £119.97. If you wear a lot of eye make-up then you will pay even more for the manufactured product. nurifi coconut oil | eBay

Marie Clare also recommends a face make-up remover for various skin types from £4.50 to £18.50. Some reasonable recommendations. But the cost still adds up. For rely on really cheap manufactured products. Your skin would have to boardering on perfect.

Lightly dip some cotton into the oil. Apply it as you would with the manufactured products.

Natural remedies such as Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and many other kitchen cupboard items. Will show both improvements to your skin and bank account.

Manufactured products contain chemicals that will tell on the skin as we develop with age.

Coconut Oil will work on most skin types. But you must apply it in accordance with your type of skin.

I often paid at least £20 for eye make-up remover. I don’t wear a great deal of eye make-up and it usually lasted around two months. I am now saving more £120 per-year.

The plus side for coconut oil, 

  1. coconut oil is primarily composed of saturated fats.
  2. It is great for repairing your skin’s natural barrier and trapping in moisture.
  3. It naturally antimicrobial, so will kill off any surface bacteria you may have picked up during the day.
  4. Coconut oil for skin soothes rashes, speeds your skin’s healing process and combats flaking like a boss.
  5. Its also good for swishing your mouth after gum flossing.
  6. And if you’ve ever run out of your favourite skin highlighter, just dab it along your cheekbones for the healthiest glow you’ve ever seen.

 NOTE TO THE SELF! Consider its downside

  1. Do not slather yourself in coconut oil! WHY?
  2. coconut oil has one of the highest comedogenic ratings out there.
  3. This means the at coconut oil for skin may not actually be as good as you first thought.
  4. If overused it can clog up pours
  5. So, rub a tiny (less than half-teaspoon) amount between the palms of your hand
  6. Gently massage on to your face, neck and your upper body down to your legs until the oil dries up in your hands.
  7. If face feels oily use a damp hot face cloth and gently pat until your face feels less oily. 

Use it appropriately and note the difference in your skin. Please provide some feedback if you try this product out.


Learning to survive on a budget

Replace spend, spend, spend, with save, save, save!

Surviving on a budget for some is just second nature. But if like me you have found yourself in a position of a need to curb your spending obsession learning to budget is tough. I will discuss how I have learned to economise and still look and feel good.  I have learned new DIY skills in fashion design, cooking and baking, soap making and skin care.  These are all lucrative businesses for manufacturers. My first few weekly blogs will concentrate on budgeting with skin care. I will gradually move on to other ideas. 

If you are serious about budgeting. You will learn to economise and major changes to your finances will eventually be visible in your bank account. For me economising has become not only a hobby but liberating. It has opened me up to new ideas.  For example, DIY skin care and beauty treatments. The beauty industry is worth a staggering £265 billion. These companies are thriving on our obsession with ageing. Our worries provide these manufactures a solid investment and a life style we couldn’t even dream of. 

A plastic surgeon and good friend once informed me that anti-ageing can’t be halted. Mother Nature always wins. These so-called wonderful alternatives are simply one big money trap.  A get rich quick scheme for fancy surgeons and big companies. All cosmetic treatments and procedures are only short-term. They must be followed up and add to the cost. There are also other added costs post-surgery. For example, specialised face treatments. In the end people pay thousands. Its like treating grey hair. Treatment is temporary and the grey develops quicker. Surgery and other cosmetic treatments according to some people’s experience can also advance age signs. This also causes skin damage that in many cases cannot be reversed.  (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1043362/THE-NIP-TUCK-STITCH-UP–Could-cosmetic-surgery-actually-SPEED-UP-ageing-process.html)

The fact that such treatments are above my budget is a blessing in disguise. However, my renal treatment and medication was causing side effects. Some of these effects were visible on my face. I was having blotches and, acne as well as pimples. My skin was starting so sag too. I began researching the products I was purchasing. Many of the factory bought chemicals did not work with my medication. I needed something more natural. But after months of research I found no product to be free from the magnitude of chemicals.

In the end I decided to make my own. I had already made soap in the past. Homemade soap requires only one chemical, lye.  Lye is safe if used appropriately. Making my own skin care products was a necessity. But I made it into a hobby. Not only has it saved me a fortune on store products. But it has also saved my skin from the unhealthy chemicals in manufactured products.

However, whilst DIY soaps smoothed my skin. It did not prevent the daily smiles from small wrinkles around my forehead, eyes and mouth.

After further research. I found that manufactured products also included natural fruit and nuts, and veg, spices, herbs, foods, and oils. I realised that I had access to these ingredients in my kitchen, soap cupboard, garden. local markets and shops. 

I decided to have a go. Each week I try something different. Not only do I see the benefits on my skin. But I also see great benefits to my budget. Now its become addictive. I have spread my saving wand in other directions. Now I have replaced spend, spend, spend with save, save, save. I can also help you to do the same by following my weekly blog.