A Yogurt a Day is healthy in more than one way


One morning to my shock and horror I was out of my expensive face cream. The reality hit me. My new economising resolution had begun. I was now ready to begin trying out natural products for my skin to help save money. Of course, I was aware my skincare products were dwindling. I just remained in denial. Research and loads of YouTube videos such as, this link ( convinced me it was the right thing to do. I had researched so many foods and natural herbs and oils.

I decided to begin with Yogurt. I enjoy my yogurt and honey in the morning after my hot cup of lemon water. Yogurt contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, that dissolves dead skin cells. … When topically applied to the skin, a velvety yogurt face mask will help moisturize, fight acne, prevent premature agingrelieve sunburn, and reduce discoloration. Six months later I could never do without it. 

I apply plain full fat Greek Yogurt around my face, under my eyes and across my forehead. I quickly but gently massage it in and leave for ten minutes as I have breakfast. In the shower I wipe the yogurt of gently with a facecloth and lukewarm water. The first time I was flabbergasted with the instant feel of softness on my face and skin. I now cannot do without the yogurt in the morning. It leaves me feeling fresh and healthy every day.

Note that  yogurt does not get rid of wrinkles! It helps minimise them and builds the skin up to suppress further spreading of wrinkles.

According to a plastic surgeon friend. No amount of surgery or cosmetic treatment or fancy products halt ageing. Mother Nature shall not be prevented from doing her job. But natural products such as herbs, spices, vegetables, eggs and other foods help our skin to age gracefully.

I couldn’t believe the effects Yogurt also had on me financially. For example,

A 100ml pot of Greek Yogurt from our local store costs under £2. If you use it wisely you will get more than two weeks body moisturiser. If only using the yogurt for the face the pot will last you at least one month. If like me, you apply it twice per-month to areas of your body and you eat it also for breakfast. I suggest you purchases two pots. 

So, I purchased two pots of full fat Greek yogurt from my local supermarket for £1.80 each = £3.60. Four of these a month cost £7.20. Over the year £7.20 x 12 = £86.40.

Now let’s look at what I used to spend on a top brand face moisturiser.

Each month I purchased one 50ml jar of Clinique Custom Moisturiser for £68.00. £68 per-month x12 = £816.00. 

£816 per year to £86.40 is saving me £729.60 every year. In five years, I could add £3,648 to my ISA account. That money could also go towards a mortgage or a good holiday or the finance for a new car. 

I also had the added monthly expense of body lotion which was around £35.00. I replaced this with natural coconut oil. I will discuss this on another blog

Please read my blog and give me feedback. I have researched so many healthy money saving options and would love to share them with you.